Top 10 Hiking Spots in Cuba

1. Turquino and Sierra Maestra National Parks

Vinales Valley Cuba
The lush scenery of Vinales valley will enthral budding hikers

These parks offer some fantastic hiking trails in the valleys and peaks of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, which reach up to almost 2000 metres high. There are some great lookout points with fantastic far-reaching views over Cuba, and experienced hikers can take the two day trek to the highest peak. Nearest town: Bartolome Maso

2. Topes de Collantes

Located in the midst of another mountain range, the Sierra del Escambray, and full of rivers, caves and stunning waterfalls with natural swimming pools, this national park is a paradise that any keen hiker will be keen to explore. Nearest town: Trinidad

3. Sierra Cristal National Park

The first established national park in Cuba, and home to yet another mountain range, the Sierra Cristal. Hikers will love wandering through thick forests of huge Caribbean pine trees which are unique to this area. Nearest town: Mayari

4. The Zapata Peninsula

This peninsula contains the largest wetlands in the Caribbean where you can see flamingos, manatees, crocodiles and flamingos. Nearest town: Playa Larga

5. Caguanes National Park

This park is located around the Caguanes peninsula and also consists of ten small islands in the Bay of Buena Vista which contain a wide range of ecosystems and marine life. There is also an extensive system of caves, and some archaeological ruins dating back to the first aboriginal cultures in Cuba. Nearest town: Chambas

6. Area around Baracoa

The area around Baracoa contains the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, which is has been declared by UNESCO as one of the most biologically diverse tropical island sites on earth. The nearby flat-topped mountain of El Yunque also offers a great day climb. Nearest town: Baracoa

7. Vinales Valley

Full of lush green tobacco fields, strangely shaped mogotes that protrude from the otherwise fairly flat land, and lots of caves and underground rivers, the area surrounding the town of Vinales is a joy for hikers to explore. Nearest town: Vinales

8. El Nicho Mountains

Set in the Sierra del Escambray range, the El Nicho mountains are particularly famous for its gorgeous waterfall of the same name. The trip can easily be done in a day and hikers can expect to enjoy smaller waterfalls, caves, and plenty of bird watching along the way. Nearest town: Trinidad

9. La Mensura National Park

This park is again famous for its stunning waterfalls, but also for the rich smell coming from the abundance of pine trees. There is also a mountain research centre which can be visited. Nearest town: Mayari

10. Desembarco del Granma National Park

Another UNESCO site due to the fact that it was the point where Castro and Guevara landed in 1956, however the hiking is just as good as the history, walking along the stunning coastal cliffs. There is also an archaeological site featuring pre-Columbian artefacts. Nearest town: Niquero


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